Things to Do and Food You Must Try in Chaung Tha Beach, Myanmar​

Things to Do and Food You Must Try in Chaung Tha Beach, Myanmar​

Chaung Tha is a fantastic beach and the heart of Myanmar beach lovers! You can get to Chaung Tha Beach after driving around six hours (260 kilometres) from Yangon. Beside the endless blue ocean, you will see many people on the white-sand mat. On weekends and holidays, especially from November to April, the beach is very busy and crowded with locals because the expense of accommodation, delicious fresh seafood, beer, and hiring of bicycles, motorbikes, quad bikes, boat, banana, horse, etc. is very affordable. Actually, Chaung Tha Beach is a great place to relax and enjoy a different side of Myanmar.

Things to Do in Chaung Tha Beach


Along Chaung Tha Beach, there are many vendors who rent fins, masks, and snorkels. You don’t need to worry about the equipment. Although the water isn’t spectacular, a couple of rock and coral formations off the beach are fun to snorkel around.

Exploring Pokala and Sandy Island

After riding the ferry for five minutes from Chaung Tha Beach to the south, a small Pokala Island will be reached. It is a home to some of the region’s cleanest and prettiest beaches and also a small village of wooden huts that house local fishermen and their families. If you take about 45 minutes, you can trek around the whole island’s coast, like small secluded beaches, volcanic shoreline, and dense jungle.

Then, after 20 minutes from Chaung Tha, you will get Sandy Island, which is a great place to relax, snorkel, and enjoy the region’s natural beauty.

Fun on Beach

Along the beach, the big waves are curling, coming, and breaking on the shore. Playing with inflatable rings in the waves on the shore can offer an awesome feeling and happiness. When you walk along the coast, you can get the pagoda and twin rocks which are called Kyauk Maungnama in Burmese, a popular spot for locals. Classic beach activities like horse riding, bicycle, and quad bike hire are also available in Chaung Tha. If you enjoy the adventure feeling in the ocean, you can hire boats, speed boats, and also bananas. If you prefer quiet and relax, you can lay on the chairs under umbrellas in front of the resorts.


For fishing enthusiasts, group and individual fishing trips are available. Most fishing trips usually leave at 8 am or earlier and arrive back at 1 pm. Enjoyable experience can be given from this trip.

Food You Must Try in Chaung Tha Beach

All hotels provide the breakfast that consists of toast and eggs or fried rice. But, if you want to eat out, several small restaurant stalls can provide traditional Burmese culinary delights very cheaply. Fresh red snapper, prawns, barracuda, and crabs including beer are available from many of the restaurants in town. Simple beer stations, tea houses, and souvenir shops can also be seen. Along the shores, you will see the beach vendors who are selling grilled seafood, fruit, and various items. They are also delicious and fair in price.​



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