Chaung Tha Beach: A Quick Getaway from Bustling Yangon​

Chaung Tha Beach: A Quick Getaway from Bustling Yangon​

Chaung Tha Beach is located in Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar. It is usually more crowded with visitors and rubber tyres, bicycles, horses, jet-skis, boats, vendors, umbrellas and chairs like a quick getaway from bustling Yangon, especially holidays. There is relatively more affordable accommodation, fresh and reasonably priced seafood than other beaches.

The meaning of “Chaung Tha” in Burmese language is “Pleasant Stream.” At the southern end of the beach, a small pagoda built on a limestone boulder can be seen as a significant attraction. Among the tourists, nearby fishing villages and tidal mangrove forests are very popular.

Water and Tropical Life in Chaung Tha

The water of Chaung Tha Beach appears clean and clear with no obvious sources of pollution. In the shallow water, Teenagers and youth are seen frolicking as well as families with young children splash. Jet-skis, banana boats, water toys, and rubber dingies are available in-the-water fun. The nearby islands and beaches can be visited by boat.

Even if the water isn’t spectacular, a couple of rock and coral formations off the beach are fun to snorkel around. The snorkeling equipment (fins, masks, and snorkels) are available for rent. Along the shores, bicycles and the occasional horse, or horse-and-cart are available.Many sea creatures are in the deep water and fishing trips are available for groups as well as individuals. Most fishing trips usually leave early in the morning around 8 am or earlier and you can arrive back the beach shortly after noon (around 1pm).

Beach hawkers patrol and are prevalent around the shores and are not aggressive and thus not particularly annoying. Because most are selling freshly roasted seafood as well as other local snacks.

With the colourful field of umbrellas and chairs on the sand, you can try the sweetness of fresh coconut water or the drinks from beach restaurants.

How to Get to Chaung Tha Beach

Chaung Tha Beach is about 5 hours' drive away (260 kilometres) from Yangon. Since it is not far from Yangon, both buses and flights are available. The bus usually leaves at 6 am. You can get a chance to eat and stretch legs as the bus usually stops at restaurants and roadside markets. Whether by bus or big truck, drivers of on-coming vehicles have to struggle to keep their wheels from falling off the rough and sometimes from the dangerous edges.

The nearest airport to Chaung Tha Beach is Pathein Airport and you need to hire a car to get you from the airport to the beach.

You can hire a taxi from Yangon to make a trip to Chaung Tha, but the fee might be quite high because some drivers want to secure a return fare.

The Best Time to Visit Chaung Tha

From November to April is the best time to visit Chaung Tha Beach. The sky is clear, the sun beats down, and the cooling water provides respite. During the festival season, it is a little difficult to get the accommodation so reserve in advance.



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