Top 6 Beaches You Must Explore in Myanmar​

Top 6 Beaches You Must Explore in Myanmar​

There are many unbelievably beautiful beaches that you must explore in Myanmar. They are famous and attractive beaches in Myanmar because of their gorgeous pearl sands, crystal clear waters, music from the silver ocean waves, and budget accommodation options. Walking along the shores of these golden beaches, seeing the natural view of the sunset with the soothing sounds of waves is what makes your experience special and worthwhile. From December to April is the dry season in Myanmar and also the ideal time to visit.

Ngapali Beach

On the western coast of Myanmar, Ngapali, Myanmar’s most famous and best-developed beach, can be explored over a huge white-sand oceanfront spread and adorned with beautiful palm trees and turquoise blue water.

It’s fantastic for snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking. Experiencing the local culture, you can visit the fishing village with motorbike and taste the mouth-watering seafood at the local restaurants.

Mergui Archipelago

In the southernmost part of Myanmar, it has stunning white beaches that stretch for kilometers in Tanintharyi. Because of its crystal clear waters, it is unique for diving spots to see some exotic marine life that thrives underwater.

You can spot monkeys snacking on crabs on the coastlines of its beaches. It’s the home of Moken people and famous for Salone Festival.

Ngwe Saung

Ngwe Saung is one of the most beautiful beaches with its white sand and clear water. It is perfect for horseback riding, watersports, as well as walking along the beach and ending with selfie at the twin stupas of Kyauk Maumghnama Pagoda.

Since it is a fishing village, you can enjoy the fresh seafood. Its Lover’s Island is lovey-dovey to embrace the romance.

Chaung Tha Beach

Chaung Tha is the most favorite beach for locals because of its affordable accommodation and one of the offbeat Myanmar beach destinations. It exists in Pathein, Ayeyarwady. You can easily go there by bus from Yangon.

It is a heaven for fresh and cheap seafood and the ideal location for your romantic date. You can go snorkeling, horse riding, and cycling on the golden sands as well as visit neighboring islands by boat.

Maungmagan Beach

This historical beach was famous during the colonial era with British colonizers. The beach is relatively quiet and close to the port town of Dawei. With the beautiful views of the hills rising up from the shoreline beside the crystal-clear water and the myriad colors of the sky when the sun sets right behind these mountains, you can relax and enjoy the cheap beer with delicious seafood.

Pa Nyit Beach

Pa Nyit Beach, also known as Shaw Maw Beach, is one of the most offbeat Myanmar beaches that exists in Dawei; it is a very nice place for solitude. Because of its seclusion, not many people (even locals) know where this beach exactly is and how to get there. Pa Nyit Beach is a long beach with a peaceful and beautiful monastery at the end. In the deep water, professional swimmers love to take leaps.



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